How to Use Our Online Dew-Point and Humidity Calculator

How to Use Our Online Dew-Point and Humidity Calculator 

Calculate dew point and humidity quickly and easily, for all industrial and process applications

At Michell Instruments, we have led innovation for over 40 years, designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art dew-point and humidity sensors and analytical instruments.

Our commitment to provide you with comprehensive support has included publishing downloadable guides and printed reference materials that help you understand and calculate many of the most important criteria for measuring process conditions. 

Now, we’ve gone a step further: our new interactive and intuitive online dew-point and humidity calculator is live! 

The new dew-point and humidity calculator is the result of thousands of hours of development, and brings together the unrivalled scientific knowledge and experience within Michell Instruments.   It is one of the few online tools that are designed specifically for industrial process and production designers and engineers, for calculating all moisture measurement parameters and units in air and a variety of gases. 

Frost, dew-point and humidity calculation

Our online calculator is quick and simple to use, providing a range of advanced options for more complex applications. 

You can choose from a range of data input parameters.  These include dew point and relative humidity, plus more specialized parameters such as moisture content by volume or weight, water vapor pressure, enthalpy or water activity.   These can be selected for each of ten different process gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen, while pressure and temperature data can be input in units, from Pa, hPa and mPa to barg and psig, and shown in degrees Centigrade, Fahrenheit and Kelvin.   

The results depend on the input humidity, dew point, relative humidity, frost point, absolute humidity, or saturation water vapor pressure.   Results are presented in a clear format that is easy to understand, with pop-out information panels explaining each measurement.  There is also a link to a separate online tool for calculating humidity for products from Michell Instruments’ sister company, Rotronic; this company manufactures instruments for measuring relative humidity, temperature, water activity, CO2 and differential pressure.  The Rotronic calculator is equally flexible and full of features and uses a different set of equations, based on the Wexler equation, to determine moisture vapor pressure. 

Built on industry standards for dew-point and humidity calculations 

The calculation engine behind the new dew-point and humidity calculator is built on industry reference standards and formulae to ensure that it generates results that are consistent, accurate and conform to best practice.  For example, BS1339:1 is used as the basis for relative humidity, saturation pressure and enthalpy of humid gas, with the Sonntag equation being used for the calculation of water vapor pressure, while ISO 18453 and IGT bulletin #8 are used for determining dew and frost point in natural gas. 

This degree of standardization, combined with the comprehensive choice of calculation options, makes our new online dew-point and humidity calculator an ideal tool for engineers working throughout the industrial, process and scientific sectors.  It will provide you with a precise method of quickly calculating key measurement parameters, saving you time and improving process and production efficiencies. 

To try the new calculator for yourself, click here.

We are the experts in industrial dew-point and humidity measurement.  Our sensors and analyzers are used by customers in the most demanding applications, and by standards bodies and calibration laboratories around the world.  If you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact our team today.

The terms ‘dew point’ and ‘relative humidity’ can often lead to confusion.

In simple terms, relative humidity (RH) is a measurement of how much water vapor is in a gas, relative to the actual gas temperature.  The amount of water vapor that can be retained by a gas increases with its temperature.  RH is usually displayed as a percentage. 

Dew point is the temperature at which a gas must be cooled before it reaches saturation, which is the point where the concentration of water vapor in the gas reaches 100 %; beyond this point, moisture will condense in liquid form. Dew point is therefore displayed as a temperature measurement.

Dew point is considered a better measurement to use in most industrial applications. 

How to use the humidity calculator

Watch the quick video below for a demonstration of how to use the Industrial Humidity and Dew-Point Calculator.

Go to the Humidity and Dew Point Calculator

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