Why the PST Real-Time Monitoring System is right for your laboratory


Data integrity, time saving, cost cutting and peace of mind

Your laboratory thrives on data. It’s the lifeblood that flows through your research projects, underpinning your GLP and driving your productivity, safety and quality controls.
There are generally two key data streams in most laboratories: the data that is collected from each experiment or research activity; and the operational data generated by laboratory equipment and instruments. Both data sets are equally important, albeit for different reasons. Research data is key to the success of each project, while operational data is vital for laboratory efficiency, traceability and reputation.
At PST, we have developed innovative solutions to help you collect, record and analyze operational data from your laboratory equipment in real-time.

The PST Real-Time Monitoring System (RMS)

The PST real-time Monitoring Systems (RMS) purpose-designed to be used in all types of laboratory, with just a few to many hundreds of measuring points. The monitoring devices that can measure temperature, humidity or differential pressure, can be hard-wired or wirelessly connected to an on-site server or automatically migrated to a secure cloud-based platform. In each case, dedicated RMS software allows you to control, document and visualize all the relevant readings in one centralized system; this is capable of generating alarms automatically if operating thresholds are exceeded, and of creating a detailed audit trail. Alarm warnings are sent by email, SMS or phone call to anybody with appropriate authorization.

Each user can access the system remotely from a computer, tablet or smartphone, with the option to customize dashboards that reflect the specific operational and regulatory requirements of each laboratory. The system is modular, scalable and extremely flexible. A wide range of hardware options are available, including probes, data loggers, I/O and digital interface modules. Existing proprietary hardware is easy to add, while setup, training and use is quick and simple.

The advantages for your laboratory

The environmental monitoring systems are ideal for supporting GLP and are compliant with EU Annex 11, GAMP5 and FDA 21 CFA Part II. The system provides a wealth of critical real-time operational data and enables you to analyze and present this in the best way for your laboratory. With access to this data and the associated analyses you can protect the integrity and traceability of your research projects and begin to make informed and proactive decisions that will help you enhance the efficiency, productivity and validity of laboratory work.

If you currently run a manual or semi-manual method of data collection, analysis and reporting, then upgrading to the a PST monitoring solution will save you considerable staff time, releasing staff to carry out other work that is of greater value to your laboratory operation.

Ultimately, RMS will put you back in control of your laboratory, helping you reduce wasted time and minimize costs, while instant access to real-time data enables you to identify potential issues before they escalate, giving you peace of mind and protecting your reputation.

Learn more about our modular real-time laboratory monitoring system (RMS)

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James Pickering

Director of Environmental Monitoring Systems

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