Precision Chilled Mirror Reference Hygrometers

Chilled mirror dew-point hygrometers provide highly accurate and stable measurements of trace moisture and humidity. The precision chilled-mirror reference hygrometers are sensitive to changes in very low moisture concentrations (less than 5 ppbV).


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Industrial dew-point hygrometers are capable of withstanding high temperatures and hot saturated gases while still providing highly stable and accurate humidity measurements. As well as being used as reference instruments in calibration laboratories they are used for precise environmental control in research laboratories, testing automotive emissions and controlling metallurgical processes.

Chilled mirror dew-point sensors: stable, accurate and repeatable moisture measurements

Chilled mirror dew-point hygrometers measure the actual formation of liquid water on a temperature-controlled surface to determine the dew-point of the sample gas. We offer a range of chilled mirror dew-point sensors optimized for specific applications that require high-temperature or humidity, trace moisture or fast-response.

Single platform with common HMI for easy operation

The S8000 and Optidew ranges share a common HMI and operating system making it simple for operators to transition between instruments. The operating system is intuitive, and the touch screen display makes setting parameters and logging quick and easy to do.

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