Industrial Dew-Point Transmitters, Dew-Point Sensors and Trace Moisture Sampling Systems

Our range of dew-point sensors are easy to install and maintain. They measure dew point, moisture content and trace moisture in both gases and hydrocarbon liquids. Typical applications include monitoring compressed air dryers to maximize energy savings, protecting process equipment from moisture corrosion/contamination and monitoring controlled atmospheres in glove boxes. Available with a sensor exchange program to minimize maintenance time, they are reliable and cost-effective.
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The transmitters are based on two PST sensing technologies. Michell Instruments tried and test Ceramic Metal-Oxide Moisture Sensor covers extremely dry parts per billion measurements (-120 °C dew point), for applications such as semi-conductor manufacture where precise measurements of trace moisture are essential. The polymer moisture sensor operates between -60 and +60 °C dew point and provides very fast responses to changes in moisture. These sensors are designed to function well in the ranges needed for many industrial dryer applications. Base transmitters can be supplied with sample conditioning systems for reliable and consistent measurements and displays for easy operation.

High volume supply capabilities with consistently short leads times

Our production facilities are optimized to meet high volume ‘just in time’ agreements with our global OEM customers. Thousands of our dew-point transmitters and hygrometers leave our factory each month to supply the major industrial equipment manufacturers around the world.

Sample conditioning systems for reliable and repeatable measurements

Reliable, repeatable measurements of humidity and trace moisture need proper sample conditioning. Our ranges of standard sampling systems ensure best practice for optimal results with options to suit most application needs.

Sensor service exchange and recalibration services

Regular service and recalibration are important to maintain accurate and reliable measurements. We offer a choice of service and maintenance programs to suit varying needs. The sensor service exchange program is a cost-effective service that results in minimum downtime for users. Customers using this service simply request an exchange sensor from their local representative, and then return the old sensor once the replacement is installed. Where calibration traceability is needed, We offer recalibration at one of our global service cemters.

Customized products with world-wide support

If our standard products don’t quite meet your requirements, our team of engineers and systems designers can work with you to take your project from the design and consultation phase, right through to manufacturing and commissioning. Our 10 global sales and service centers in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia and our worldwide distributor network are always on hand to provide support for your challenging applications.