Portable Hygrometers and Dew Point Meters

Michell Instrument’s range of portable hygrometers and dew point meters provide high-speed measurements of humidity, dew point and ppm moisture concentrations.


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Based on Michell Instrument’s Ceramic Metal-Oxide Moisture Sensor and high-speed polymer moisture sensors , the portable moisture analyzers are highly stable for long-term reliable moisture readings. With easy to read displays, the instruments are intuitive and simple to use.

Our wide range of dew point meters and portable hygrometers provide fast measurements of dew point and ppm moisture concentrations.

Typical applications include spot checks of dew point in compressed air systems, checking the performance of the air treatment system dryers and monitoring the moisture levels in breathing gas. Moisture measurements in natural gas and process gases in petrochemical refineries are possible with the intrinsically safe MDM300 I.S.

Use our free humidity & dew point calculator for easy dew point calculations and humidity conversions or download our free dew point chart over ice and water.

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