Portable Hygrometers and Dew-Point Meters

Michell Instrument’s range of portable hygrometers and dew-point meters provide high-speed measurements of humidity, dew point and ppm moisture concentrations. Based on Michell’s Ceramic Metal-Oxide Moisture Sensorand high-speed polymer moisture sensors , the portable moisture analyzers are highly stable for long-term reliable moisture readings. With easy to read displays, the instruments are intuitive and simple to use.
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Typical applications include spot checks of dew point in compressed air systems, checking the performance of the air treatment system dryers and monitoring the moisture levels in breathing gas. Moisture measurements in natural gas and process gases in petrochemical refineries are possible with the intrinsically safe MDM300 I.S.

Rugged portable instruments for dew-point measurements in demanding environments

Designed for daily use in demanding industrial environments they are housed in tough, durable cases rated to IP66/NEMA 4. Long battery life allows up to 48 hours of standard operation between charges and is ideal for field use in remote locations.

Calibrated traceable to national humidity standards

All Michell Instruments portable dew-point meters are calibrated traceable to National Standards (NPL and NIST). Alternatively, they can be calibrated in our UKAS Accredited calibration lab in accordance with the ISO17025 standard for testing and calibration laboratories.

Sample conditioning systems for reliable, repeatable humidity measurements

Appropriate sample conditioning ensures optimal performance from your portable dew-point hygrometer. Controlled flow and pressure of the sample gas is necessary for the reliability and repeatability of measurements. Removing particulates and liquid water protects the sensor from damage. Easidew Portable and MDM50 both feature an integral sample conditioning system, while various sampling options are available for the MDM300 and MDM300 I.S.

Service exchange and calibration options for cost effective maintenance

The portable trace moisture hygrometers use Easidew and SF82 Dew-Point Transmitters, which are part of Michell’s sensor exchange programme. Under this scheme, users can keep their instruments fully calibrated with the minimum of downtime.