PST Moisture in Natural Gas Calculator

Humidity Calculator for natural gas including dew point, ppmV, absolute humidity lb/MMscf and mg/m3.

Known Inputs

Calculation Standard

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PST Michell Natural Gas Humidity Calculator

The PST moisture in natural gas calculator is built for engineers to help ease moisture content calculation for natural gas. The humidity calculator features two calculation standards: ISO 18453 and IGT Research Bulletin #8. Engineers can switch between these standards.

Users can choose a humidity parameter and units they want to calculate in the settings. The calculator offers the option to calculate in degrees Celsius (oC), degrees Fahrenheit (oF), or Kelvin (K) for dew point/frost point. You can also calculate moisture content (volume) in parts per million (ppm) or percentage (%).

How to use the PST Michell Natural Gas Humidity Calculator

Watch the quick video below on how to use the PST Michell Natural Gas Humidity Calculator.


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