Data Loggers for Relative Humidity, Temperature and Pressure Measurement

The long-term recording and logging of humidity and temperature conditions is very important in the pharmaceutical industry, production processes, storage, test facilities and many other areas.


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Once logged, the temperature and humidity data can be evaluated statistically. This provides valuable information on conditions that can have an influence on people and product quality. Wireless transmission saves wiring costs and simplifies data transfer from inaccessible points.

The long-term recording and logging of humidity, temperature and ambient pressure conditions is extremely important particularly in the pharmaceutical and food industries which are highly regulated, as well as many other industries. Recorded data is analyzed statistically providing valuable information about the application conditions and any deviations from required temperature, humidity or pressure levels identified. These can affect production processes, product storage and product quality.

Our loggers are available with a choice of standalone, LAN or wireless interface and are FDA 21 CFR part 11 and GAMP 5 compliant. Data can be analyzed using our validated HW4 software, or real-time with alarms using the Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS).

For LAN and wireless datalogger used in the real-time Rotronic Monitoring System RMS please refer to Monitoring


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