Humidity Sensors

The Rotronic humidity sensors are based on capacitive polymer sensor technology and are developed to measure humidity in various environments and applications. The sensors are built into our temperature and humidity probes and play an important role in our OEM applications for humidity and temperature measuring.


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Rotronic's in-house produced humidity sensor elements are the centrepiece of our humidity and temperature probes. Manufactured with Swiss precision in a protected, clean environment, the humidity sensor elements guarantee the highest accuracy and long-term stability of the legendary Rotronic humidity and temperature sensors, from the standard humidity sensor to the meteo sensor and the special sensor for harsh, industrial applications. The humidity sensors are also used in general or customised OEM solutions, where measuring and monitoring humidity and temperature play an important role. Special humidity sensor elements are also used in probes for water activity measurement or in humidity and temperature probes for measurements in challenging sterilisation environments where chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide are used.

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