Additive Manufacturing

Oxygen and Trace Moisture Analyzers for Additive Manufacturing

Prevent explosive atmospheres and reduce oxidization

Modern manufacturing processes of metal parts like metal powder additive manufacturing, sintering or HPI processes reply on the measurement of gas impurities to maintain uniform protective atmospheres, reduce chances for oxidization of the metal during metal powder 3D printing and prevent explosive atmospheres.

A complete solution for additive manufacturing  

Process Sensing Technologies (PST) provides an unmatched suite of instruments, analyzers and sensors for precision measurement and monitoring in highly demanding end markets. When combining PST oxygen gas instruments with humidity transmitters and environmental control systems, we are able to provide a complete solution for quality, safety and efficiency in additive manufacturing.

Custom designed oxygen analyzers for the additive manufacturing industry

PST unique range of oxygen analyzers have been specifically designed to be integrated into the additive manufacturing machine manufacturers control and safety systems. PST employs zirconia sensor and solid-state technology which has been specifically developed for harsh process applications and are able to supply oxygen analyzers designed to comply with the requirements of IEC 61508 (SIL 2) for the fail safe oxygen measurement on inert gas blanketing applications.

Product Selector

Application/Service Purpose of Measurement Recommended Products
Oxygen Analyzers for Additive Manufacturing Increases efficiency, protects the process from danger of explosion SIL-O2
AM Trace
Moisture Analyzers Improves efficiency, protects the process SF 82

Selected Applications