Cryogenic Air Separation

Industrial Gas Production – monitoring gas quality and purity in cryogenic air separation plants

Meeting the Challenges of High Purity Oxygen, Nitrogen & Argon Production

Ensuring the purity of O2, N2 and Ar produced through cryogenic air separation is a major concern. Reliable gas analyzers capable of detecting impurities down to parts per trillion are essential to ensure the ultra-high purity levels often required. As well as careful monitoring, an understanding of gas supply systems and materials is also essential to avoid contamination or leaks.

Specialization in Trace Impurity Detection for UHP Gas Production

We offer a range of analyzers that help specialty gas companies monitor their systems for contamination from moisture ingress as well as O2 , N2 and other gases in ranges down to parts per trillion. We bring together years of experience in serving this highly specialist and demanding application making it easier for you to find the exact mix of products for each measurement point.

Analyzers for each Critical Stage of Cryogenic Air Separation

We provide purity and trace impurity measurements for air intake and preliminary purification, post distillation quality control plus storage and distribution. Key parameters include: Trace moisture, Trace hydrocarbons, andTrace impurities in O2, N2, Ar

Product Selector

Application/Service Purpose of Measurement Measurement Measurement Gas/Background Gas Recommended Product
Measuring the O2 deficiency or oxygen enrichment in control rooms and storage areas To ensure safety – either from risk of asphyxiation or from explosion. <19.5-20.0% O2 Air, N2 Gasenz
Measuring O2 product purity from air separation process Confirming the quality of pure O2 98-100%
Air GPR-3100

Measuring the oxygen content during gas cylinder certification for specialty mixes including welding gas Ensuring cylinder gas quality 0 to 10 ppm to 95% O2 Varies GPR-1600
Monitoring ppm level oxygen in N2 transported via pipelines and tanker trucks Confirming the quality of pure nitrogen and detecting leaks in the transportation system O to 10 ppm O2 N2, AR GPR-1100
Measuring PPB levels of O2 in cryogenically produced ultra high purity (UHP) N2 Confirming the quality of UHP nitrogen 0-50 ppb O2 N2, Ar P12-UHP 50/100
GPR-1200 MS
Measuring low O2 ppm in N2 and Ar. Quality assurance in pure gases 0-500 ppb O2 N2, Ar P12-UHP 50/100 and MS 500/1000
GPR-1200 MS
Monitoring trace moisture for pre-cooling purification Protecting equipment and ensuring quality 0.1 to 2,000 ppmV Air Pura
Measuring moisture content for cylinder filling Ensuring quality of gas 0.1 to 2,000 ppmV N2, AR, O2 QMA401
Measuring N2 in pure Argon after purification Ensuring quality of gas 0-1, 0-10, 0-100 ppm Ar LD8000
Measuring trace impurities for quality control Ensuring quality of gas 0-100 ppb to 0-10 ppm Ar, O2, N2 MultiDetek 3
Measuring Hydrocarbon in Air intake Removal of impurities prior to cooling 0-10, 0-100 ppm Air LD2000
Measuring hydrocarbons in Oxygen for safety and quality purpose Removal of impurities prior to cooling 0-1 to 0-1000 ppm O2 MultiDetek3