Calibration and Metrology Laboratories

Calibration standards, moisture generators and technical expertise for National Measurement Institutes and Metrology Laboratories

We Understand And Share Your Challenges

In metrological and national measurement environments, the demand for exceptional precision is not just a requirement but the foundation on which quality measurements are made. We share this intrinsic focus and the constant drive to reduce measurement uncertainties. We understand this is not only achieved with the right instrumentation, but also technical knowledge, correct application, and continual evidence led improvements.

Helping You Is Our Business

Our heritage comes from industrial and laboratory-based measurements and moisture generation. We are routed in technical research led developments from designing our calibration solutions, running our own accredited laboratories, and developing world class reference standards.

What We Will Measure

Our chilled mirror reference instruments are designed to provide a broad scope of measurement, ranging down to the only commercially available sterling engine driven chilled mirror with -100°C frost point capability.

Product Selector

Reference Standards

Application Purpose of Measurement Recommended Product
Laboratory Humidity Reference standard down to -100°C dp/fp

Reference measurements in standards laboratories.

Reference instrument in humidity calibration facilities.

Precision moisture measurements in research and development.

S8000 –100 (-100...20 °C) Chilled Mirror
Laboratory Humidity Reference standard down to –60 or -90°C dp/fp

Standards laboratory reference instrument.

Reference instrument for commercial calibration laboratories.

Environmental chamber reference / verification instrument for industrial laboratories.

Measurements in hydrogen fuel cell and other Research & Development laboratories.

S8000 RS (-90...20 °C) Chilled Mirror

S8000 (-60...20 °C) Chilled Mirror

S8000 Remote (-40/...120 °C) Chilled Mirror

Dew Point Generators & Driers

Application Purpose of Measurement Recommended Product

Moisture generation for calibration laboratories

Automated moisture generation for dew point probe calibration.

DG2, DG3, ADG400 & VDS3 Generators

Dryers for Humidity Calibration Systems

Continuously operating dryer with <1ppmv or <13.8ppbv moisture output

PSD2 and PSD4 Pressure Swing Dryer Systems

Humidity Generators

Application Purpose of Measurement Recommended Product

Humidity Probe Calibration

Rapid and stable Temperature and Humidity Calibrator for RH probes for On-site and Laboratory use.

HygroGen2-S Humidity Calibration Chamber

HygroGen2-XL (17L) Humidity Calibration Chamber

Calibration and Training

Application Purpose of Measurement Recommended Product

Traceable and Accredited calibrations

Dew point, relative humidity and temperature calibrations - available from our global network of calibration laboratories.

Dew Point Calibration Temperature and Relative Humidity Calibration

Calibration and Metrology Laboratories Applications

Theory & Case Studies