Combustion Efficiency

Maximise efficiency and reduce emissions and costs in your combustion processes with PST oxygen monitoring solutions

We Know Your Challenges

The results of incomplete combustion can include fuel waste, an increased level of toxic emissions and potentially damage to your combustion system resulting in environmental and financial impact. The overheads of fuel consumption and system availability are high in large scale industrial and commercial boilers/furnaces. In order to see return of investment and minimize running costs the operation must be kept at peak efficiency.

What We Can Measure

The OXY-FLEX Series Zirconia Oxygen Transmitter and the XZR500 Combustion Control Analyzers are all suitable solutions for the combustion optimization process, all of which measure 0 to 25% oxygen allowing calibration of the sensor in fresh air. PST’s oxygen sensors are deigned to perform in extreme temperatures and operating conditions. Both solutions use zirconium dioxide technology because of its robust nature and long life.

Helping You is Our Business

Our products have been used in the combustion industry for over 30 years. We have a team of engineers whose expertise specialise in this market and are ready to help and support you. Our engineers will work alongside your engineering team giving you the technical and application support required to get your product to market.

Product Selector

Application/Service Purpose of Measurement Technology Recommended Products
Gas Nitriding and Oxygen Measurement 0 to 25% Oxygen Zirconium Dioxide XZR500 Combustion Analyzer
OXY P25-1
OXY P25-1-4
Boiler Combustion Efficiency 0 to 25% Oxygen or 0 to 100% Oxygen Zirconium Dioxide OXY-FLEX Series Oxygen Transmitter
Combustion Efficiency in Crematoria 0 to 25% Oxygen Zirconium Dioxide XZR500 Combustion Control Analyzer