Cryogenic Air Separation


The three main components of air – Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon – are in demand for many applications and with different levels of purity.

Process Sensing Technologies’ (PST) brands offer a range of analyzers for each stage of the air separation process to monitor contamination from moisture ingress, trace O2 and other impurities in ranges down to parts per trillion, as well as oxygen purity.

Air Intake and Preliminary Purification

The first stage is to purify the air to remove moisture and impurities that may interfere with the cooling process. Filters remove solid particulates; dryers remove excess moisture and trace hydrocarbons (THC) are also removed at this stage.

Post distillation quality control

After distillation, the separated gases can be either kept as liquid for easier storage and transport or evaporated and processed further as a gas.

The level of gas purity depends on its intended use, and different types of impurity measurements are available. PST have a full suite of instruments that are suitable for both standard industrial quality gases through to the five nines UHP gases required for semiconductor manufacture.