Breathing Air Quality for Divers


The compressed air used by divers for breathing is at risk from several contaminants such as carbon dioxide, moisture and carbon monoxide. Using sensors and analyzers to monitor the purity of the compressed air ensures the health and safety of the divers.

The Easidew Transmitter or SF82 Dew-Point Transmitter for Compressed Air from Michell Instruments provide continuous online monitoring of moisture level in compressed air. Spot checks of moisture levels in scuba tanks can be carried out using an MDM50 fast-response portable, which is fully self-contained for easy connection and sampling.

Too much moisture in breathing air is not only uncomfortable to breath it can also allow bacteria to grow posing another threat to health. Continuously monitoring the dew point of the air leaving the compressor-dryer system is a cost-effective way to control this. Not only does it ensure contamination from moisture is at a minimum, it is also more energy efficient that timed drying.

Analytical Industries’ AII-3000 or Palm O2/Palm CO handheld oxygen analyzers are simple to use, highly economical instruments to check scuba tanks for oxygen and carbon monoxide levels. They require minimal maintenance and have a long battery life of up to 18 months of use.