The safety and quality of the breathing air or specialist gas mixtures used by industrial or leisure divers is essential. The levels of moisture, oxygen and CO in scuba tanks need reliable and accurate control to avoid serious risks to health.

Trusted Quality

Since we supplied our first diving oxygen sensors in 1998, we have developed and extended our range. Today, we are proud to be the preferred supplier of O2 sensors to some of the most reputable rebreather manufacturers throughout the world.

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Dive with confidence with advice from specialists

The specialist diving team from Analytical Industries are experienced in advising leisure, industrial and military divers to find the best sensors or analyzers for their needs. They are fully trained to understand not only the products but the requirements of the applications and the needs of the diving community.

The analyzers and sensors are designed to meet the demands of rebreather and scuba diving equipment and tested to the most exacting standards in the industry. Most products are available to ship within 24 hours.