Food and Beverage Industry

Measuring instruments and solutions for product quality and shelf life assurance in the food and beverage industry

Product Quality and Safety First

In the food and beverage industry, strict regulations and safety guidelines apply to ensure high product quality and prevent contamination. Compliance is a top priority, as even minimal errors can impact food safety and product quality and lead to unexpected downtime or yield reduction.

Over 55 Years of Experience in Measurement Solutions

We are experienced in measuring and monitoring the important parameters that influence all production steps. In this way, we can help to avoid processing errors and human exposure and optimize the entire process - from raw material handling, through manufacturing, filling and packaging, to storage and transport of the food.

Key Measurement Parameters for the Food & Beverage Industry

PST measuring devices record humidity, temperature, dew point, carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen and water activity. Door contacts, LUX, water leaks, video images or other useful parameters can also be recorded, and alarms triggered via the continuous monitoring system.

Product Selector

Application/Service Purpose of Measurement Recommended Products
Temperature and humidity measurement in the ripening process of cheese Reliable monitoring of optimal environmental parameters in harsh conditions exposed to high chemical loads HF5
HC2A Standard
HC2A Industrial
Monitoring System RMS
Climate monitoring in the production of pasta Moisture, temperature and water activity measurement in the drying process and in the storage of raw material and end products HF5
Monitoring System RMS
Fruit and vegetable Storage Controlled atmosphere for increased storage life HF5
Monitoring System RMS
Oxygen analysis and control in breweries Oxygen control during the brewing process for safety and to ensure correct levels of fermentation and good flavor XZR400
Dew point measurement in food grade air Control of moisture to meet ISO standards SF82

Selected Applications