HVAC & Building Automation

Reliable measurement technology is critical not only for the optimization and adjustment of HVAC controls, but also for room air quality and resultant human wellbeing. PST offers a broad range of measuring instruments and solutions, easy to install and cost effective.

Decisive measurement parameters in HVAC

In the field of building management, mainly solutions and measuring instruments to monitor humidity, temperature, CO2 and differential pressure are used. Low dew point is particularly important to protect investments in expensive compressed air systems..

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What is CO2 and How is it Measured?

What causes CO2? What is CO2 at all? How is CO2 measured? Why is it measured? All this we explain in our short film on the subject of CO2.

What is Differential Pressure and How is it Measured?

Learn more about differential pressure, its importance for various applications and get to know two different measuring principles

Why and How is Temperature Mapping Performed?

Learn more about mapping, where the temperature distribution within an area is studied, documented and analyzed.