Analyzers for Hydrogen Electrolysis

Instrumentation for Safety and Purity Measurements

Working with us benefits customers who use, install, or manufacture hydrogen electrolyzers with access to our deep application expertise in the measurement of hydrogen. We’ve been designing and manufacturing a full range of best-in-class monitoring instruments and analyzers for hydrogen, oxygen, trace moisture, and other impurity gases for decades.


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All products utilize our wide portfolio of proprietary sensors. Always matching the customer requirements for the best measurement technology for the individual parameter measured in various types of hydrogen electrolyzers.

For customers with budgetary constraints, we offer cost-effective compact, easy to install and maintain oxygen, trace moisture and hydrogen transmitters. When a safety or purity measurement is necessary, we can provide complete custom engineered highly accurate analyzer systems saving the customer time and costs for external engineering services.

The complete safety and purity analyzer solutions for hydrogen electrolysis include highly dependable measurement technologies and sample systems enabling the user to perform repeatable measurements and analysis of critical parameters such as hydrogen, oxygen, and trace impurity gases including moisture. Systems can be designed to excel in hazardous environments, under extreme weather conditions and are backed with global certifications, and feature Safety Integrity Level (SIL) capabilities for the peace of mind and easy integration in safety loops.

To enable our H2 producing customers to comply with the ultra-high-purity requirements outlined ISO 14687 we provide an integrated trace impurity analysis system for use in both the electrolysis systems producing green hydrogen as well as steam methane reforming processes and grey hydrogen production. The HyDetek gas chromatography system is based on our proprietary and field-proven PED, thermal conductivity and quartz crystal microbalance moisture sensing technologies.

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