Analyzers and Transmitters for Measuring Hydrogen Purification

PST is the supplier of expertise and fit for purpose hydrogen impurity measurements for single and multiple contaminants in the range of ppb, ppm, and low %. Solutions for measuring moisture, oxygen, nitrogen and combined ISO14687 contaminants are available.


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Purification of H2 concerns a wide range of applications. Depending on the source and destination purpose of the Hydrogen and the purification technology used, different sampling and measurement strategies can be chosen for optimal performance and accuracy measurement. Dedicated purification may be required for specific applications. The ISO 14687 standard for Hydrogen Fuel Quality is probably the most referred to.

Several purification technologies are available: pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) is often used for the larger scale applications like Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) and removes multiple components or can also be dedicated for single components like water (moisture); dryer beds use molsieve materials in lead-lag alternating configured reactors with a regeneration stage in between and is often more economical for smaller scale. While the methods for purification mentioned are conducted in batches or through cyclic processes, systems involving membranes and catalysts typically operate continuously in a single pass until they require replacement.

Cyclic processes have different requirements for sampling the gas. The user’s measurement strategy will not only be based on the chosen measurement technology and its required specifications but also on the specific operational constraints of the purification system. Measurements can be done at line or atmospheric pressure, and the exact measurement point or take-off will determine response time and accuracy. The correct sample system must be used to handle operational upsets, especially when measuring in the trace range.

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