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Measuring and Monitoring Solutions Complying with Global Regulations

Consistent Quality and Efficacy of Pharmaceutical Products

Working closely with pharmaceutical customers for more than half a century, we cover the know-how and product range needed to ensure safety and strict regulatory compliance with GXP and 21 CFR Part 11.

Long-Term Proven Experience with GxP & FDA Compliant Applications

Our range of instrumentation includes high-accuracy transmitters and data loggers for various parameters, fail-safe oxygen analyzers as well as real-time room monitoring systems for all stages in the pharmaceutical process, from research and production to storage and transportation. Tailored to your needs.

Monitoring Critical Control Parameters (CCP)

We measure and monitor all important measurement parameters for first-class product quality: relative humidity, temperature, oxygen, water activity, dew point and CO2, freely expandable by further measured variables through simple integration of third-party products.

Product Selector

Location/Service/Process Purpose of Measurement Recommended Products
Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 industrial processes. Measurement Instruments resistant to corrosive effects of H2O2 Monitoring Temperature and Humidity in within Areas with frequent decontamination & sterilization processes. HC2A-S-HH H2O2 resistant Probe
HC2A-SM-HH H2O2 resistant Probe
Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics: Measure equilibrium relative humidity (HER) or water activity to prevent spoilage. Control microbiological growth and water migration. Prevention of clumping, consistency change and reduced shelf life. AwEasy Water Activity Measurement Device
HC2-AW(-USB) Probe
HygroLab Water Activity Meter
AWTherm Water Activity Analyzer
GxP regulated production in general: measurement of environmental parameters for quality assurance of raw materials and end products Monitoring of the legally prescribed measured variables such as temperature and relative humidity HF5 Transmitter
HC2A Humidity and Temperature Probes
HC2A Industrial Probes
Monitoring System RMS
TL-CC1 Temperature Logger
HL-1D Data Loger
Warehousing and transport: Climate monitoring for quality assurance and preservation of raw material and finished products Traceable documentation of climate conditions such as relative humidity, temperature and qualification of environments Monitoring System RMS
RMS-LOG-T30-L Data Logger
HL-2D, TL-1D Data Logger
GxP Services
Clean rooms and climate chambers: Climate monitoring for flawless aseptic production processes or quality climate and stability tests Control and monitoring of parameters defined in the risk assessment such as relative humidity, temperature, differential pressure, or particles. Monitoring System RMS
CRP5 Clean Room Panel
PF4/5 Differential Pressure Transmitter

Production machines,dryers, tablet presses and coaters: Monitoring humidity to ensure product quality Monitoring and control of production machines, their ambient air and measurement of equilibrium humidity of final products. Monitoring System RMS
S8000 Precision Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
S8000 Remote Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
Humidity Meters HP-Series
HygroLab Water Activity Meter
AWTherm Water Activity Analyzer
AwEasy Water Activity Measurement Device
HC2-AW(-USB) Probe
Animal laboratories: Monitoring environmental parameters for animal husbandry and optimal testing conditions Measurement and monitoring of climatic conditions such as temperature, humidity and CO2 supplemented by control of light (LUX), door contact or drinking water pipes. Monitoring System RMS
Pharmaceutical Chemical Reactors: monitor oxygen levels Explosion prevention through nitrogen blanketing and monitoring oxygen levels to ensure the minimum oxygen concentration of the solvent vapor not reached. Yellow Box Portable Oxygen Analyzer
OxyExtract Oxygen Analyzer
Oxy-One Oxygen Interting System
AII-200 Oxygen Analyzer

Selected Applications

Case Studies

Continuous monitoring for stability storage

Continuous monitoring is a critical requirement for stability storage. Clear evidence must be available 24/7/365.

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Temperature monitoring of medicines in pharmacies

Added value of automatic temperature monitoring and individually configurable alarms convincing pharmacists.

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H2O2 resistant humidity probes for decontamination

Extremely robust humidity probe for a decontamination product line used by pharma and research centers.

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