Measurement Solutions for Medical Gases


Offering dependable and accurate measurement of oxygen purity and trace levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and moisture is essential in a patient focused setting. Our gas measuring systems for medical-use oxygen are essential for monitoring and analyzing the gases used in hospitals and healthcare facilities.  

The MoGas93 is specifically directed at Oxygen Generation systems producing Oxygen at 93% volume and is designed to monitor the Oxygen produced. The unit is fitted with Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Dewpoint Sensors for simultaneous monitoring of the measured oxygen stream and includes flow and regulatory control.

The Gasenz ambient monitor is ideal for use where gas lines, generators and cylinders are in enclosed rooms or corridors to warn of a potential Oxygen leak. It is simply mounted to the wall and the integrated audio-visual alarm will be triggered if the oxygen levels become unsafe.

For PSA Oxygen generation systems Ntron’s SenzTx zirconia oxygen transmitter has a long sensor life of 5 years and no drift. This unique ‘Plug and play’ technology has an analog 4 to 20 mAmp output and RS485 communication for easy integration.


The FDA-approved hand-held medical gas analyzers from Analytical Industries Inc are an easy way to verify oxygen levels in breathing air and other medical gases. They are inexpensive, maintenance-free and have a sensor lifespan of up to 32 months.