Precise measurements, critical for product quality and safety in metallurgical processes.

Ensuring integrity and quality of metal products depends on precision gas measurements

Modern manufacturing processes of metal parts like metal powder additive manufacturing, sintering or HPI processes reply on the measurement of gas impurities to maintain uniform protective atmospheres, reduce chances for oxidization of the metal during metal powder 3D printing and prevent explosive atmospheres.

Expertise in metallurgical processes with global support

PST customers benefit from direct access to the manufacturer via our global service and sales network of experts with excellent technical skills. Our precision analyzers and high-temperature sensors were designed with metallurgical processes in mind. For specific needs our experienced systems engineering departments will work with you to create custom systems and packages.

Precision instrumentation designed for high-temperatures and harsh environments

Just because you need an instrument capable of withstanding high temperature, harsh environments doesn’t mean you need to accept less when it comes to performance. Our industrial chilled mirror hygrometers offer sensitive, repeatable dew-point and moisture measurements in metallurgical processes. Together with our robust trace oxygen and binary gas analyzers, we offer a complete suite of measurements for quality and safety.

Product Selector

Application/Service Purpose of Measurement Measurement Measurement Gas/Background Gas Recommended Product
Monitoring hydrogen and oxygen steel mills Safety and product quality 0 to 100% H2 80/90 to 100%
H2 / O2 XTC601-EX
Monitoring controlled atmospheres in heat treatment furnaces Product quality 0 to 25% O2
0 to 10ppm O2
0 to 100% H2
Air / N2 / CO2 / H2 XTC601-EX
Moisture and oxygen measurements in sintering or annealing processes Product quality -60 °C dew point Moisture in H2 and N2 mix S8000 RS
Easidew PRO I.S.
MDM300 I.S.
Hot Isostatic Pressing Product quality LDL between 0.025 ppm and 0.010 ppm Trace impurities (H2, O2, N2, CH4, CO and CO2 in Ar MultiDetek2
Moisture control of furnaces during zinc plating Product quality < -40 ° C dew point Moisture in H2 and N2 mix S8000
Hot and cold blast furnace process Ensuring efficiency, protecting furnace equipment from moisture damage -10 to +45 °C dew point Moisture in furnace gases Optidew 501