Power Generation

Reliable and accurate measurements optimize efficiency for cleaner, cheaper and safer energy production

We Know Your Challenges

Ensuring that energy is produced cleanly, efficiently and safely is a key driver for all energy producers, whether this is in renewable energy or for coal-fired power stations. This industry is fast-evolving as new technologies together with legislation drive change and development. Energy producers require reliable measurements to monitor critical parameters at all stages of the energy production and supply.

Helping You is Our Business

Reliable measurements of moisture and other trace impurities help to protect equipment and reduce the costs of routine maintenance as well as helping to make energy production as efficient as possible. As well as reducing the monetary cost, we provide measurements that help to reduce the environmental costs of energy production. For example, by reducing harmful emissions and ensuring fuel is used as efficiently as possible.

What We Measure

We offer reliable and accurate measurements of the parameters required by power generation and maintenance companies:

•trace moisture
•relative humidity
•trace impurities in pure gases
•hydrogen purity
•trace oxygen
•hydrocarbon dew point

Product Selector

Application/Service Purpose of Measurement Range Measured/Background Gas Recommended Product
Measuring HCdp and Wdp in natural gas fuel to gas turbines Maintain specified superheat (gas temperature/dew point differential) to avoid flashbacks and turbine damage -30 … +20°C HCdp and Wdp Natural gas, Natural gas containing up 20% H2 Condumax II
Moisture in hydrogen cooling loop Avoid risks of HV arcing and explosion by preventing water condensation within generator set casing Water dew point Hydrogen Easidew PRO IS
Promet IS
Measurements for maintenance in hydrogen cooled generators Measurement of gas mixtures during maintenance and operation to ensure safety and efficiency 80…100% H2
0…100% H2
0-100% CO2
H2 in Air
H2 in CO2
CO2 in Air
Moisture and trace impurities in Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) Ensuring the purity of SF6 to avoid failure of equipment, extend its life: reducing costs and ensuring safety. Moisture: -20 … +60 °C Dew Point Trace impurities: LDL between 0.6 ppm to 2.3 ppm Moisture, O2, N2, CF4 and CO in a background of SF6 MultiDetek 3
Fogger Control Control evaporative cooling of air intake to gas turbine to increase air density/increase power output Relative Humidity Air Optidew 501
Turbine anti icing protection Control air intake filter heaters to prevent ice formation during cold weather Water dew point –50 … +90°C dew point Air Optidew 501
Ambient wet bulb for cooling tower control Controlling condensers to maximize energy efficiency in power station cooling towers Water dew point
Relative humidity
Air Optidew 501
Nuclear containment vessel integrity Ensuring safety of the reactor/avoiding radiation leaks by monitoring levels of steam escaping Relative humidity Air Optidew 501
Moisture in baghouse Avoid ‘Caking’ of solid particles causing filter blockage H2O Combustion exhaust in coal and oil-fired electricity generation Optidew 501
Hot nuclear waste vessel purge Monitoring inerting of nuclear waste vessels to ensure no chemical reactions will take place due to the presence of moisture and oxygen H2O N2, CO2, He S8000
Water content in transformer oil Dissolved moisture in mineral oil degrades paper lamination insulation in the transformer core H2O Transformer Oil Easidew PRO I.S.
Liquidew I.S.
Moisture in CO2/He for nuclear plants Ensuring the integrity of the reactor by monitoring moisture in the coolant gas. H2O: -60…-80 °C dew point CO2, He Easidew PRO I.S.
EasidewPRO XP
Measurement of trace impurities in UHP H2 for fuel cells Ensure the purity of H2 following ISO 14687 regulation Ppm to ppb Permanent gases
Light hydrocarbons
Formic Acid
Oxygen measurement for boiler trim Ensuring the efficiency of fossil fueled power plants 0 … 25% O2 Exhaust gas XZR500
Ozone generator protection Ensuring the purity of the Ozone H2O: -66 °C dew point at pressure (approx. 7 bar g) 03 Easidew Transmitter