Purity Measurements for Hydrogen Production


Much pure hydrogen used in industry come from syngas, and 90% purity is achieved via pressure swing absorption PSA) of CO, CO2, H2O and CH4. The MultiDetek3 from LDetek offers the perfect platform to meet the individual needs of the production and purification of hydrogen from syngas.

It provides integrated trace impurities analysis to cover all the main measurement parameters in a single unit. Operators select from a choice of measurement technologies to suit their application and budget and the unit is easily integrated into existing equipment.

The MultiDetek3 is a gas chromatograph which can use up to three detectors at a time, each of which is capable measuring a range of impurities at ppbv levels. Thermal conductivity, flame ionisation detection (FID) and LDetek’s patented Plasma Emission Detector (PED) can all be integrated into the MultiDetek3 platform.


We offer different sensing techniques for the measurement of moisture, typically ceramic metal oxide moisture transmitters or quartz crystal microbalance moisture analyzers depending on the level of confidence and precision required. The PST group of companies also produce oxygen analyzers to measure flue gas or off-gas for combustion purposes.