Moisture and dew-point measurement on pneumatic compressed air systems in trains
Liquid level detection within passenger facilities

System Quality and Reliability

Rail operators are reaping the benefits of intelligent sensors to monitor their systems and rolling stock. Continuous monitoring provides real time warnings of system degradation, allowing for predictive maintenance saving thousands of dollars as well as ensuring the very highest safety standards.

25 Years in Rail Industry Solutions

Locomotive, Tram and Metro sensor installations are physically and electronically challenging. PST’s global design engineers and application support teams have a wealth of experience in rail industry-approved sensor use in all train installations – whether in, on or under car locations

Measurement Areas Within Rail

PST have provided solutions for train production contracts globally in compressed air quality, internal utilities, liquid level detection and internal environmental conditions. Portable instruments have been used for maintenance spot checks and data collection systems for platform and tunnel environmental conditions.

Product Selector

Location/Service Measurement Range Measured Media Recommended Products
Moisture measurement within the pneumatic compressed air system ISO 8573 Class 1 to Class 6 -70 to +50°C dew point Pneumatic compressed air SF72 RAIL
Maintenance spot checking compressed air moisture levels ISO 8573 Class 1 to Class 6 -70 to +50°C dew point Pneumatic compressed air MDM50
Easidew Portable
Train, platform and tunnel HVAC condition monitoring RH -20 to 95% / Temperature 0 to 50°C (HF1)
RH-50 to 100% / Temperature 0 to 50°C (HF3/4)
Platform and Tunnel Air HF1
Liquid Level alarm switch on passenger toilet ON/OFF PWM Effluent Water Optomax