14 June 2021

New accessories for gas chromatographs from LDetek prevent column degradation and control gas supply

Users of the LDetek range of industrial gas chromatographs and online impurities analyzers will benefit from increased control of their gas supply as well as prevent column degradation with the latest accessories that are now available. Designed by LDetek’s engineers the new accessories are designed specifically to work with analyzers and gas chromatographs such as the MultiDetek2.

The LDASS Automatic Switchover system provides a continuous flow of gas from two high-purity sources. It is a complete system which combines a changeover regulator with a line regulator and can be wall mounted. Applications range from industrial to medical and laboratory as well as in oil and gas industry.

The LDPMS Pressure Monitoring System is a standalone system designed to monitor up to 2 gas sources simultaneously where a consistent high pressure is required. Low pressure alarms provide warnings if the gas pressure in the process drops allowing for immediate action.

The LDPRR is a series of pressure regulators designed to control the supply of high purity and specialty gases used in semiconductor manufacture as well as other bulk gas applications. The regulator’s internal surface is treated to the level of E.P. 10 Ra under B.A. grade to comply with use in semiconductor fabs.

The manual LDMSV and pneumatic LDPSV shut-off valves are also designed to provide control of gas supply in ultra-high purity applications.

Finally, the new LDetek range of Moisture, Hydrocarbon and Oxygen traps ensure the best performance for ultra-high purity gas applications. They are suitable either for bulk purification or where several instruments are plumbed from a single gas source.

Visit the LDetek accessories page to find out more about the complete range.