19 April 2021

LDP1000 series gas purifier from LDetek achieves UHP grade 99.9999999% gases

High-purity gases are essential both for calibrating gas analyzers and for use as carrier gases for gas chromatographs, as well as in numerous applications in the semiconductor and electronics industries. Ultra-high purity gas is expensive, and operators can achieve significant savings through buying lower-grade gases and using an onsite purifier to reach the desired grade.

The LDetek LDP1000 gas purifier series provides operators with a reliable gas-purification system that purifies noble gases, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide up to UHP grade 99.9999999%. The series features three different models, each providing different flow capabilities from 0.2 LPM up to 10 LPM. The compact version weighs less than a kilogram and is ideal where space is limited. The series is also economical and easy to maintain as it uses a replaceable getter module which is easily changed when exhausted. Maintenance can be further simplified with an optional in/out/bypass valve network with a mounting plate for easy unit replacement.

Another option is the cryo trap system which removes argon impurities from helium. This was developed for the semiconductor industry where ppb/ppm trace Argon must be measured without interference from a low-quality carrier gas. It is supplied with LDetekā€™s local/remote interface and in/out pressure sensors for low pressure alerts control.