New Portable Dew-Point Hygrometer ensures compliance and quality in compressed air and specialized gases


Portable Dew-Point Hygrometer (dew point meter) for compressed-air and specialized gases

Michell Instruments, part of the Process Sensing Technologies Group, has launched an advanced new portable compressed gas dew-point hygrometer. The new Easidew PDP Dryer Portable is designed for use by OEMs, maintenance engineers and independent service companies. It is lightweight, rugged and easy to use, enabling trace moisture levels to be measured and data logged in compressed air and gas streams as they exit refrigerant or PSA dryers.

Easidew PDP Dryer Portable - Dewpoint-meter for compressed-air and specialized gases

Measuring trace moisture levels in compressed air and specialized gases, such as nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen, is becoming increasingly important. This is especially true in healthcare and advanced manufacturing applications, where the need to ensure consistent gas quality, traceability and compliance is essential.

The new Easidew PDP (Pressure Dew Point) Dryer Portable has been developed to enable service and maintenance engineers to quickly and safely prove moisture content compliance in the outlet feed from the different types of dryers commonly used in industry.

The Easidew PDP Dryer Portable offers:

  • Air-quality compliance to ISO 8573-1 Class 1–4
  • Pressure dew-point monitoring to 20 barg
  • Multi-parameter datalogging/downloading

  • Michell Instruments has been manufacturing advanced moisture measurement sensors, analyzers, and portable instruments for 50 years. The development of the new Easidew PDP Dryer Portable draws on this combined knowledge and experience, creating an instrument that the company believes will become the gold standard for portable dew-point devices.

    Peter Shepherd, Product Manager at Michell Instruments and lead on the PDP project, explains that “Our customers around the world are under increasing pressure to demonstrate that their compressed gas systems are performing reliably, safely and, most importantly, to the highest quality and regulatory standards. We’ve therefore developed an instrument that is easy to use and maintain, produces fast and highly accurate results, is rugged and suitable for continuous use, and which automatically captures the data required for full traceability and compliance.”

    The new instrument weighs just 3.5 kg, features a full-color touchscreen, with an intuitive operator interface, a long-life rechargeable battery and standard USB-C connectivity. Inside, the Easidew PDP Dryer Portable uses stainless-steel pipework and connections and offers a choice of Michell Instruments’ proven ceramic metal-oxide or thick-film dew-point sensors. These are certified to the ISO 8573-1 standard and provide the option of a measuring range from Class 1-4 or Class 2-4 pressure dew point, depending on the demands of each application.

    The new Easidew PDP Dryer Portable is sealed to IP54, certified to industrial EMC/RFI standards and is supplied in a lifetime drop-tested rugged enclosure. The instrument is backed by Michell Instruments’ technical and application support service, with a sensor recalibration and fast-exchange scheme.