Humidity transmitter Rotronic HygroFlex HF3 with improved accuracy


Based on our standard factory calibration, the accuracy of wall and duct versions of the HF3 industrial transmitter can now be classified with improved accuracy. The HF3 accuracy is now ±1.5 %rh and ±0.2 K (previously reported ±2 %rh and ±0.3 K). All product documentation has been adapted accordingly.

The HygroFlex3 humidity and temperature transmitters with fixed probe are based on the Rotronic-IN1 sensor with high long-term stability. They are ideal for monitoring ambient conditions in a wide range of applications. The HF3 series is part of the extensive HygroFlex transmitter range, which includes a selection of basic, multifunction, high-end, and ATEX devices.

HF3 Highlights

  • Operating range up to -40...60 °C / 0...100 %rh
  • Measurement accuracy up to ±1.5 %rH, ±0.2 K, at 23 °C
  • GAMP compliant
  • Wide compatibility of outputs and scaling for new and retrofit applications
  • Flexible project pricing and reliable delivery times
  • Easy USB connection for on-site calibration and adjustment
  • CE/UL/EMC approved for worldwide use
  • Complementary to the HygroFlex series

Application areas

  • High-end manufacturing: monitor and control conditions for optimal product quality and plant performance
  • Efficient HVAC systems: regulate indoor climate and maintain comfortable and healthy living or working conditions
  • Research and development: maintain precise and stable environmental conditions for experimentation and testing
  • Agriculture: monitor and control conditions for optimal crop growth and livestock health
  • Other applications: Data centers, museums, food industry, paper printers, office buildings, warehouses, libraries, swimming pools and more

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About Rotronic

Rotronic is part of Process Sensing Technologies (PST) and offers industry-leading measurement devices for relative humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide, differential pressure, and water activity used in all industries where superior measurement accuracy, stability, and reliability are essential. With over 55 years of experience, the Rotronic brand stands for Swiss precision specialized in measurement instrumentation and innovation, such as RMS, a modular real-time environmental monitoring system that enables regulated pharmaceutical customers to meet specific FDA/EU regulations and also supports customers within industrial applications to focus on product quality.

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