New Turnkey Gas System for Carbon Dioxide Quality Control and Capture


Carbon dioxide quality control and carbon capture system

The measurement of trace impurities during carbon dioxide quality control and carbon capture is essential.

One of the biggest consumers of CO2 is the beverage industry. The bottlers require to have CO2 purified and analyses before to incorporate in drinks. For this reason, multiple contaminants must be controlled at ppb level for the qualification of CO2. This application requires a very high level of CO2 purity.

In another hand, the carbon capture is more and more important for industries to control environmental pollution that may result from emissions during industrial processes. This growing demand makes the CO2 purity to be controlled for clean storage and usage.

The Carbo2Detek turnkey system offers all the features required for carbon dioxide quality control and capture. Using the combination of the plasma emission detector (PED) and its flame ionization detector (FID) in the MultiDetek3 industrial gas chromatograph, it offers all the performances to go in low concentrations. With its patented design and a series of selective bandpass optical filters, the PED technology offers the ability to measure down to sub ppb without interference from the CO2 background gas.

Adding the LDMOX unit under to the system enables the measurement of trace moisture and oxygen. The LDMOX uses quartz crystal or ceramic oxide sensors for moisture and electrochemical or zirconia sensors for oxygen.

The system comes in a temperature-controlled cabinet and a multi-stream selector system (LDGSS) to connect multiple streams to the analytical instruments. The streams can be controlled from the analytical system with the possibility of configuring multiple analytical sequences.

Working in parallel, all the instruments measure multiple impurities simultaneously to give a quick analysis report of the CO2 quality. The system comes with all the industrial standard communication protocols.

The system comes with a large panel PC local interface and all the industrial communication protocols that can also be remotely controlled as required by the industry standards.

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