NEW Addition to the Temperature and Relative Humidity Automatic Calibration Module (AutoCal)


The Process Sensing Technologies Group (PST) offers a digital temperature and relative humidity probe (Rotronic RMS-HCD) that is used within the Rotronic environmental monitoring system RMS. The RMS is mainly used within regulated industries where regular calibration is a requirement.

To carry out temperature and relative humidity calibrations, Rotronic has developed the HygroGen (HG2) generator, one of the fastest and most stable generators on the market.


  • Generates stable humidity and temperature conditions (<±0.1 %rh, <±0.01 °C)
  • Calibration solution for the laboratory and on-site
  • Humidity equilibrium typically in only 5 minutes for HG2-S, 15 minutes for HG2-XL
  • Calibrates multiple probes simultaneously

To reduce the manpower required for calibrations, the HygroGen has an automatic calibration module (AutoCal) that has been upgraded for the RMS-HCD digital temperature and relative humidity probe, up to 6 probes can be calibrated in one run. Within AutoCal, the user can define set points, time frames, and the option to ramp and soak. The outcome of an AutoCal run is a calibration certificate in PDF format including the reference as well as the RMS-HCD progression throughout the calibration run. Should the probes be out of specification, then the user also has the possibility to automatically adjust the probes to match the HygroGen reference probe at predetermined values.

To reduce the system downtime, the main advantage of digital sensors is that a sensor can simply be exchanged. The RMS system will automatically register any probe changes within the audit trail and these events in turn can be commented to ensure that any questions that arise during an audit can easily be explained.

To find out more or to get a live demonstration about the RMS-HCD digital temperature and relative probe, the HygroGen temperature and relative humidity generator or the Rotronic Monitoring System, please reach out to rms@rotronic.ch.

About Process Sensing Technologies

Process Sensing Technologies (PST) provides an unmatched suite of instruments, analyzers and sensors for precision measurements and monitoring in highly demanding end markets. These range from pharmaceutical/ life sciences, speciality gases, semiconductors, O&G, petrochemicals and power to gas detection, food and beverage and building automation.

PST brings together well-established brands, each of which are trusted for the precision and reliability of their products, strong innovation and singular focus on customer service. With a historyof development and innovation starting in 1965 and continuing to the present day, we look forward to many more milestones to come.

About Rotronic

Rotronic is part of Process Sensing Technologies (PST) and offers industry-leading measurement devices for relative humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide, differential pressure, and water activity used in all industries where superior measurement accuracy, stability, and reliability are essential. With over 55 years of experience, the Rotronic brand stands for Swiss precision specialized in measurement instrumentation and innovation, such as RMS, a modular real-time environmental monitoring system that enables regulated pharmaceutical customers to meet specific FDA/EU regulations and also supports customers within industrial applications to focus on product quality.

For marketing inquiries, please contact:

Ursula Mian, Marketing Manager | PST Rotronic | Humidity & Monitoring Division

Tel: +41 44 838 13 05

Email: ursula.mian@processsensing.com

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