Oxygen Analyzers for Process, Industrial & Fail-Safe Applications

The O2 analyzers from PST offer oxygen sensor technologies such as zirconium dioxide, thermo-paramagnetic and electrochemical. These highly reliable oxygen analyzers provide various installation options such as bench, panel, rack and wall mounting. Whether you are controlling the amount of oxygen for product quality or safety for plant or operator, there is a model to suit your needs. Zirconium dioxide analyzers are particularly useful when the process requires trace levels of oxygen during operation, but can frequently be exposed to air. This technology is not affected by oxygen concentration and has a rapid recovery from air to low ppm O2 levels. Thermo-paramagnetic analyzers offer a very stable measurement of percent level oxygen and have no moving parts or consumable items.
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We also have a range of analyzers with electrochemical sensor capable of measuring from 90 to 100% O2 right down to low parts per million oxygen. Food and beverage, additive manufacturing, medical gas users and research laboratories are just some of the industries using our products globally.

High volume supply capabilities with consistently short leads times

Our production facilities are optimized to meet high volume ‘just in time’ agreements with our global OEM customers. Thousands of our dew-point transmitters and hygrometers leave our factory each month to supply the major industrial equipment manufacturers around the world.

Serving Markets Worldwide

PST products and services are used by many customers across the world. Medical, industrial, semiconductor, compressed air, additive manufacturing, transportation, food and beverage, renewables, oil & gas and gas detection are just some of the markets and industries we serve today.

Sensor service exchange and recalibration services

Regular service and recalibration is important to maintain accurate and reliable measurements. Michell and its PST partner companies offer a choice of service and maintenance programs to suit varying needs. The sensor service exchange programme is a cost-effective service that results in minimum downtime for users. Customers using this service simply request an exchange sensor from their local representative, and then return the old sensor once the replacement is installed. Where calibration traceability is needed, Michell offer recalibration at one of our global service centres.

Customised products with world-wide support

If our standard products don’t quite meet your requirements, our team of engineers and systems designers can work with you to take your project from the design and consultation phase, right through to manufacturing and commissioning. Our 10 global sales and service centers in Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia and our worldwide distributor network are always on hand to provide support for your challenging applications.