Portable Oxygen Analyzers

PST offer a range of portable oxygen analyzers for many industrial applications where trace oxygen (or O2 purity) must be monitored and controlled. These accurate and reliable instruments are easy to use and are available in ppm and percent oxygen ranges.


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ATEX/UKCA rated analyzers for use with IIC gases are available for ranges from 0 to 10ppm up to 0 to 25% O2. The Yellowbox portable utilizes zirconia sensing technology for fast response and long life for gas generation customers.

Gas Purity

For gas purity, these analyzers are used in air separation plants and the food & beverage sectors as the processes or goods produced must be protected or isolated from the oxygen present in the atmosphere because it is unwelcomed contaminant.

Oxygen Purity

For oxygen purity, portable oxygen analyzers are used to ensure the purity of oxygen in manufacture as well as point of use. More than 100 million tonnes of oxygen is extracted from the air annually for industrial purposes with the steel industry using over half of this amount. The remaining industrially produced oxygen is used by the chemical, medical, metal-working, aerospace and water treatment industries.

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