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Safe Area Gas Detectors for Toxic Gases FGD14

Toxic Gas Detection Mains or DC Powered


  • Two stage alarm relays
  • Plug-in sensor
  • Remote audible/visual indicator unit
  • Protection to IP54
  • Mains and dc powered versions available

The FGD14 series are stand-alone gas detectors with a front panel display of the gas level. The detectors contain 2 control relays that can be activated via user definable alarm set points; the relay contacts can then be used to control external equipment.

An audible/visual remote unit is also provided with the detector. Typical applications include water purification processes, food preparation and/or storage, car parks, swimming pools and medical applications.

Models are available for powering from either:-

  • A mains supply of between 85 and 265 volts ac
  • A DC power supply from 9 to 30 volts
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