AII GPR-35, GPR-2500 SN (ATEX), GPR-2800 IS

Fixed Ambient Oxygen Deficiency Monitors with Alarms

Key features

  • Low maintenance with typically 32 months oxygen sensor life
  • Audible and visual oxygen deficiency alarm available
  • Up to four measurement ranges
  • Accuracy of <2% of span
  • Mains power with battery back-up (GPR-35)
  • Remote oxygen sensor & pump options (GPR-35)
  • Analog output for connection to DCS 12-28 V DC operation (GPR-2500 versions)


The GPR-35, GPR-2500 SN and GPR-2800 IS/AIS-S are reliable oxygen deficiency monitors for measuring the oxygen concentration in rooms where there is potential for gas leaks to prevent oxygen depletion or asphyxiation and ensure safety of personnel. The Analytical Industries' experience in designing precise and reliable oxygen monitors equipped with proprietary oxygen sensors proven in thousands of personal oxygen alarms and diving equipment offer the highest level of protection to the staff that depend on such room oxygen monitors.

Our oxygen analyzer range also includes oxygen deficiency monitors with remote sensor.


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