Turnkey Gas System for CO2 Quality Control – Carbo2Detek

For Carbon Dioxide Quality Control in Beverages and Carbon Capture Applications

Key features

  • 10-45 Celsius Temperature range
  • 1/8'' or 1/4'' compression or VCR inlet fittings
  • 1/8'' or 1/4'' or 1/2'' compression or VCR outlet fittings
  • PED technology for measurement down to sub-ppb
  • Sulfurs, aromatics, and hydrocarbon configurations
  • LDGSS multi-stream selector system
  • Temperature-controlled cabinet
  • Touchscreen interface & remote digital control
  • Option: LDMOX for trace moisture and oxygen measurement


The Carbo2Detek turnkey gas system from LDetek (our brand) offers the solution required for carbon dioxide quality control in beverages and carbon capture applications. Carbo2Detek features a combination of our integrated technologies: the plasma emission detector (PED) and the flame ionization detector (FID), both found in the MultiDetek3 industrial gas chromatograph.

Our PED technology allows measuring down to sub ppb (parts-per-billion) without interference from the CO2 background gas. Alongside the LDetek MultiDetek3, the LDetek LDMOX unit can be added; it uses a combination of our quartz crystal or ceramic oxide sensors for trace moisture and electrochemical or zirconia sensors for trace oxygen measurements. Working in parallel, the instruments in this system measure multiple impurities simultaneously to give a quick analysis report of the CO2 quality.

The LDetek Carbo2Detek comes in a temperature-controlled cabinet with a multi-stream selector system (LDGSS) to connect multiple streams to the analytical instruments, allowing users to control streams from the analytical system and configure multiple analytical sequences.


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