Carbon Dioxide Infrared Gas Sensor – Dynament Standard Series

For Gas Detection and Measurement

Key features

  • Provides 'raw' signal output for processing external to the sensor
  • OEM board available containing the necessary processing electronics and LCD display
  • Internal temperature signal output
  • Wide operating temperature range of -20 to +50°C


PST offers a range of hydrocarbon infrared sensors that measure carbon dioxide gas over a range from 0-100% volume. The sensors are designed with non-dispersive infrared technology and respond to carbon dioxide.

The Standard series sensors provide a 'raw' signal output which require the user to provide their own drive electronics and software to derive the gas concentration, apply linearisation and temperature compensation. This can be achieved using the application notes on the downloads tab.

The sensors are available in Industrial Ex d IIC Certified, Mining M1 Certified, UL Approved, and Non-Certified versions.

The OEM-1 module is available for original equipment manufacturers who do not wish to develop their own electronics and software. The module has an inbuilt display and includes a 4-20mA output. The microcontroller contains all the necessary software and signal processing algorithms to enable the user to minimise the time-to-market.


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