Rotronic CO2 Display for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Visualising Carbon Dioxide Concentration in Rooms

Key features

  • Benchtop or wall mounting
  • Measures and records CO2, relative humidity and temperature
  • Accuracy:  ± 30 ppm, ± 2.5 %RH,  ± 0.3 K
  • ROTRONIC HYGROMER IN-1 humidity sensor
  • Up to 40`000 data point memory for CO2, humidity and temperature values
  • Adjustable, visual CO2 alert indicator
  • Data download via USB flash drive


Easy to Use, Eye-Catching Visualization

Room / wall panel for monitoring indoor air quality. Measures and records CO2, relative humidity and temperature.


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) measurements in offices, conference rooms, schools, etc.


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