Tube Fittings for UHP gas analysis

LDetek Compression Tube Fittings

Key features

  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • Clean for UHP gas chromatography applications
  • No dead volume design
  • Optional surface treatment available


The LDetek fittings for Ultra-high purity (UPH) gas analysis is a dead volume free compression fitting series for measuring trace impurities required for gas analysis industries.

Compared to other industrial tubes fittings for UPH gases, the LDetek tube fittings help avoid the risk of tube swelling with its unique ferrule seat.

How does it work?

The tube is inserted in a male nut and the ferrule into the body of the fitting until the tube reaches the pilot zone. The tube will not fully penetrate the pilot zone as other types of fittings does.

This particularity allows avoiding the risk of tube swelling. Such phenomenon regularly happens with other compression fittings, resulting in difficulties extracting the tube once tightened.

Its sealing point (ferrule seat) located at the right end of the tube makes a sealing edge, giving an unsurpassed type of sealing. As the cut seals the tube by the inner side of the ferrule, the outer side closes the gap on the fitting body. The male nut then pushes on the ferrule in a linear direction, preventing it from turning on the tube and damaging its seat.

Combined with a rigorous machining & cleaning quality, these series of fittings are unbeatable when measuring trace impurities as required for gas analysis industries.


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