Self-Contained Hygrometer- Michell Drycheck

Simple Dew-Point Measurement in Wide Measurement Range

Key features

  • Integrated instrument and sampling system
  • Simple installation
  • Wide measurement range
  • Dew point or moisture content
  • Analog output, display and dual alarms
  • IP65 (NEMA 12) enclosure


A simple and efficient, self-contained dew-point hygrometer, with filtration and flow control, for measurement of dew point or moisture content at point of use. It uses the Easidew On-Line to measure dew point in the range –100 to + 20 °C dew point, or moisture content in the range 0-3000 ppm. This well-proven instrument uses the Michell Ceramic Metal-Oxide Moisture Sensor providing accurate and stable measurements.

It is part of our service exchange program for simple, cost-effective maintenance.


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