Oxygen Analyzers for Petrochemical - AII GPR-18/28

Explosion Proof O2 Solutions for Trace and % Measurements

Key features

  • Galvanic electrochemical oxygen sensor technology
  • 4 standard measurement ranges
  • Accuracy +/-1% of selected range
  • Sensitivity < 0.5% of range
  • Long O2 sensor life 24 to 36 months for low maintenance
  • No need for frequent electrolyte top-up
  • Field-proven superior electrochemical sensor stability
  • Flame arrestors fitted (standard)


Explosion-proof oxygen analyzers are designed for petrochemical and refinery industry process gases, flammable gases and hydrogen. These trace and percentage oxygen analyzers are supplied in rugged Exd enclosures with flame arrestors and suitable for installation and use within hazardous areas. The oxygen sensitivity of the field-proven electrochemical sensor allows oxygen measurement ranges from as low as 0-1 ppm up to 0-25% O2.


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