Gas Manifold Panel - LDetek LDGM

Industrial Gas Control Panel For Zero/Span/Sample Gas Switching

Key features

  • Electropolished Stainless Steel 316L gas lines
  • Quarter turn on/off diaphragm valves
  • Quick analysis time without drifting at low ppm/ppb


The LDGM gas manifold is used as an ultra high purity sampling system for any sensor or analytical device that requires switching between a zero gas, a span gas and the sample gas for calibration and proper analysis. The electropolished Stainless Steel 316L gas lines with the quarter turn on/off diaphragm valves guaranteed a quick analysis time without drifting at low ppm/ppb especially for trace analysis Nitrogen, Oxygen and Moisture.

Sample pressure is reduced to the proper operating pressure required by the analytical instrument by adding a Stainless-Steel pressure regulator to the panel.

A valve arrangement containing an inlet/outlet/bypass valves is mounted on the panel when a purifier system is used to generate an ultra pure zero gas source.

The LDetek LDGM Industrial Gas Manifold is ideal for several applications including medical gas and laboratory applications


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