Handheld Oxygen Analyzers for Medical Gases - AII-2000

FDA Approved Inexpensive O2 Verification

Key features

  • Very easy to operate
  • Maintenance free oxygen Sensors
  • 0-100% O2 range
  • Up to 32 months sensor lifetime
  • Integral or remote sensor options
  • Long battery life: up to 18 months of continuous operation for AII-2000 Palm O2

  • Accessories also available:
  • Case and Foam Insert Polyethylene Black
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Sample Tubing
  • Cable Coiled Handset Black 1.5 ft Retracted 12 ft Extended Telephone Jack Ends
  • Cable Coiled Handset White 1.5 ft Retracted 12 ft Extended Telephone Jack Ends


Analytical Industries’ AII-2000 series or Palm O2 handheld oxygen analyzers provide a very easy way to verify oxygen and other medical gases used in medical or veterinary clinics. These FDA approved inexpensive medical gas analyzers use maintenance-free advanced galvanic oxygen sensors and will operate for up to 32 months. Based on decades of experience in the design and manufacture of oxygen instrumentation for respiratory medical devices, both models have been specifically designed for spot checking oxygen levels in anaesthesia, intensive care, incubators or other variants of respiratory or oxygen therapy.


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