Hydrogen Sulphide Analyzers - AII GPR-7500 and GPR-7100 Series

Cost-Effective Monitoring of Hydrogen Sulfide Levels

Key features

  • ATEX & UL certified variants
  • Accurate to < 2% of scale with an LDL of 0.1 ppm H2S
  • Dedicated sample handling systems are included
  • Optional liquid drain system (for entrained liquids)
  • 24 month typical sensor life (simple to exchange)
  • Easy to use HMI for set-up, operation and field calibration


The GPR-7500 analyzer utilizes the low-power electro-chemical sensor technology to provide a cost-effective and easy to maintain online-installation hydrogen sulfide measurement in a small package. The GPR-7100 is a portable H2S analyzer version preferably used for spot checking the process or temporary usage during servicing or commissioning of a permanent installation gas analyzer. These advanced instruments from AII are agency approved for use in flammable gas streams.


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