HygroSoft Software

Available for PC (Windows) and Smartphones (iOS and Android) as a free application


Rotronic’s new software generation HygroSoft replaces the long-time and successful HW4 as well the HW5 software. The HygroSoft will be available for PC (Windows) and Smartphones (iOS and Android) as a free application.

The HygroSoft has the following functions:

  • HygroSoft App: In addition to the normal PC software, the HygroSoft is also available as an App for iOS and Android. The App uses only the NFC interface, which will be available for the new HF5A and in future for other Rotronic products. This makes it possible to easily configurate, adjust and update the device over the smartphone.
  • Viewing of measured values: Viewing of measured values is very easy and user-friendly. Files of any device shown in the device tree can be copied and opened directly with the HygroSoft Explorer. The data is presented in both tabular and graphical formats.
  • Instrument configuration: The HygroSoft software can be used to adjust the settings of Rotronic instruments and probes. Depending on the instrument and probe, the following functions and settings can be changed: Assignment and scaling or adjustment and calibration etc. of many Rotronic instruments.
  • Reports: There are fast and easy ways to create a CSV or a PDF report in the HygroSoft from a data logger. In addition, there is also a possibility to create a PDF calibration report after a calibration of an instrument.

The HygroSoft offers for an additional cost a water activity license (HS-AW-Code) for the HygroSoft PC software. The additional water activity license is compatible with all Rotronic water activity products with USB and UART interface. The additional functions are:
  • Aw measurement: Measuring water activity with the standard AWE and AW-Quick (getting results in typically 4-5min) measurement method.
  • Aw Reports: Creating water activity measuring reports.


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