PPB Ultra Trace Nitrogen Analyzer - LDetek LD8001+ (LD8000+)

Designed for Ultra-Pure Argon or Helium Analysis

Key features

  • Unique Plasma Emission Detector design based on a Duty Cycle Controlled System
  • PPB sub-system integrated
  • Bootloader integrated for software update via Ethernet
  • Large scale measurement
  • 4-20 mA output as standard
  • Range Identification Relay
  • Maintenance free
  • Bypass sample flow control to insure high purity
  • Low sample consumption
  • 3U cabinet


The LD8001+ is designed for ultra-pure Argon or Helium gas analysis. With its integrated ppb sub-system, unique performance can be achieved. Low ppb trace nitrogen online is now possible without the need of a gas chromatograph. This compact design makes it very attractive for any industrial or laboratory installation.


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