Automatic Switchover System - LDetek LDASS

Control High Purity Gas Supplies

Key features

  • Regulates supplies of specialty and UHP gases
  • High pressure compatible (up to 3500 psig/238 bar inlet, up to 145 psig/10 bar outlet)
  • Cv 0.06 flow capacity


High performance analytical instruments require high purity gas supplies. Our ultra high purity switchover system and valve series are especially designed for trace impurities analytical devices.

The LDASS (automatic switchover system) series provides continuous gas flow from two high pressure sources. It is a complete high purity changeover system which combines the changeover regulator and a line regulator into a compact wall mount system for ultra high purity and specialty gases.

A diffusion-resistant metal diaphragm seal ensures gas purity and integrity. The mounting bracket is standard and internal parts are stainless steel 316L and suitable for cylinder gas, bulk gas line, mixed gas or any other type of gaseous mixtures.


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