Automatic Gas Dilution System - LDetek LDGDSA

For Multi-Point Calibration of Gas Analyzers

Key features

  • Automatic calculation of dilution concentrations
  • Automatic pressure controller
  • Broad range of dilution ratios (up to 1000 to 1)
  • Windows user interface through serial communication
  • Multiple gas standard libraries available
  • Alarms management
  • 3U cabinet
  • Integrated heated gas purifier to generate ultra-high purity zero gas reference (optional)


The LDGDSA is a user-friendly gas dilution system that offers flexibility to automatically generate the desired gas mixtures. The Windows user interface gives the ability to control and monitor the mixtures, flows, pressures and concentrations remotely.

The system can store multiple gas cylinders so it is easy to select the right cylinder to generate different blends. This reduces the costs compared to needing a specific standard for each blend required. The dilution system is designed with an automatic pressure controller installed on the zero-gas line, on the span gas line and to regulate the outlet blended gas line pressure. This improves the stability and the regularity of the flow controls. Each flow table uses a 10-point calibration curve to characterize the linearity of each flow controller.


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