Trace Moisture And Oxygen Analyzer - LDetek LDmox

Most Compact Moisture And Oxygen Analyzer

Key features

  • Senz-TX oxygen sensor
  • Quartz Crystal moisture sensor
  • Multiple sample gases
  • Accuracy: <+/- 1% of scale
  • Response Time (T90): SENZ-TX - <10 sec, QMA - <5 min
  • Operating Temperature Range: 5-45 Celsius
  • Sample Gas Temperature: 0-100 Celsius


The LDetek LDMOX is our most compact moisture and oxygen analyzer using the well proven Quartz Crystal sensor from Michell Instruments and the Senz-Tx (electrochemical/zirconia) series from NTRON. Combining both trace oxygen and moisture in the same instrument makes it ideal for any of your applications.


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