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Pressure Regulator Series - LDetek LDPRR

Pressure-Reducing Regulators for Semiconductor Manufacture


  • VCR type regulator
  • Designed for semiconductor applications
  • Internal surfaces b. A. Grade to e. P. 10 ra, 5 ra
  • All performed in class 100 and class 10 clean-rooms
  • Threadless type
  • Locking-plate seal system

The LDPRR pressure regulator series comprises pressure reducing regulators designed for use on the special manufacturing lines of ultra-high purity gases for semi-conductor, bulk gas lines, and other facility lines.

In order to use at the semi-conductor hook-up line, the regulator's internal surface is treated to the level of E.P. 10Ra, 5Ra under B. A. grade. A special locking-plate system has developed and applied. All the process assembly, welding, testing and washing of this series is carried out and thoroughly managed in a clean room.

Developed with a push-and-lock type handle which completely prevents the self-change of pre-set value which can be caused by the vibration from outside or minute vibration at the gas pipeline. You can prevent the self-changing of preset value just by pushing the handle and reset the value freely by drawing the handle.